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National Child Protection Week 2022

National Child Protection Week provides an important opportunity to raise awareness and encourage conversations about how we can all contribute to better protecting Australian children.

The theme for National Child Protection Week continues from last year 'Every child, in every community, needs a fair go' with a particular focus on children growing up safe and supported.

The National Office for Child Safety contributes to this by providing national leadership, working with Commonwealth, state and territory governments, and the non-government sector, to develop national strategies and policies as well as resources to enhance the safety of children and young people, with a particular focus on child sexual abuse.

The National Principles for Child Safe Organisations promote a culture of child safety and wellbeing within organisations. 

They support the right for all children to participate in decisions that impact them and ensure children are appropriately and adequately safeguarded, and given a fair go.

To help organisations and communities adopt the Principles, the National Office has developed a collection of tools and resources.

The Speak up and make a complaint resources are designed for children and young people to help them understand their right to speak up when they feel unhappy, uncomfortable or unsafe.

The Complaint Handling Guide: Upholding the rights of children and young people advises organisations on how to establish a complaint-handling system that puts child safety first and promotes the rights of children and young people to have a voice in decisions that affect them.

The Keeping Our Kids Safe: Cultural Safety and the National Principles resources developed with SNAICC – National Voice for our Children and VACCA - Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency, focuses on ensuring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and communities have a fair go by providing information on implementing the National Principles through a cultural lens.

This National Child Protection Week, help give kids a fair go by building a child safe culture in your organisation or community.

More information and resources are accessible through our document library.

More information on National Child Protection Week activities is available on the NAPCAN website.