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Speak up — For children and young people

  • National Principles

Every day you go to, and talk to, organisations, like your school, sports club, or arts group. Sometimes something might happen at the organisation that makes you feel unhappy or you may feel uncomfortable or unsafe. When this happens you have the right to speak up and tell someone your problem.

This may feel scary or hard to do. The poster and leaflet explain how you can tell someone about your problem and what might happen, in three steps.

  1. Find support – ask someone you trust to help you.
  2. Tell your support person about your problem.
  3. Make your complaint – you don’t have to do this by yourself. Your support person can be there to help you.

Translated Resources

The National Principles, Guide for Parents and Carers, Introductory Self-Assessment Tool for Organisations and Speak up and make a complaint leaflet and poster are available in the following languages: